ITE and Medical applications

SNP-G04 (40W), SNP-GK6 (60W), SNP-G12 (120W),

SNP-G16 (160W), SNP-G20 (200W),

SNP-E30(300W, "G" metal case with Fan)

Output Specifications:
Rated Power Model No. OUTPUT Size WxLxH
40W SNP-G047, G047-M +12V/3.33A 2"x3"x0.91"
40W SNP-G048, G048-M +15V/2.66A 2"x3"x0.91"
40W SNP-G045, G045-M +18V/2.22A 2"x3"x0.91"
40W SNP-G049, G049-M +24V/1.66A 2"x3"x0.91"
40W SNP-G04G, G04G-M +28V/1.42A 2"x3"x0.91"
40W SNP-G04J, G04J-M +36V/1.11A 2"x3"x0.91"
40W SNP-G04T, G04T-M +48V/0.83A 2"x3"x0.91"
60W SNP-GK67, GK67-M, GK67-MH +12V/5.00A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK68, GK68-M, GK68-MH +15V/4.00A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK65, GK65-M, GK65-MH +18V/3.33A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK69, GK69-M, GK69-MH +24V/2.50A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK6G, GK6G-M, GK6G-MH +28V/2.14A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK6J, GK6J-M, GK6J-MH +36V/1.66A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK6T, GK6T-M, GK6T-MH +48V/1.25A 2"x4"x0.97"
60W SNP-GK6H, GK6H-M, GK6H-MH +60V/1.00A 2"x4"x0.97"
120W SNP-G127, G127-A, G127-M, G127-MA, G127-H +12V/10.00A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
120W SNP-G128, G128-A, G128-M, G128-MA +15V/8.0A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
120W SNP-G125, G125-A, G125-M, G125-MA +18V/6.60A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
120W SNP-G129, G129-A, G129-M, G129-MA, G129-H +24V/5.00A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
120W SNP-G12G, G12G-A, G12G-M, G12G-MA +28V/4.30A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
120W SNP-G12J, G12J-A, G12J-M, G12J-MA +36V/3.40A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
120W SNP-G12T, G12T-A, G12T-M, G12T-MA, G12T-H +48V/2.50A 2"x4.2"x1.28"
160W SNP-G167, G167-A, G167-M, G167-MA +12V/13.30A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G168, G168-A, G168-M, G168-MA +15V/10.66A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G165, G165-A, G165-M, G165-MA +18V/8.88A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G169, G169-A. G169-M, G169-MA +24V/6.66A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G16G, G16G-A, G16G-M, G16G-MA +28V/5.70A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G16J, G16J-A, G16J-M, G16J-MA +36V/4.45A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G16T, G16T-A, G16T-M, G16T-MA +48V/3.35A 3"x5"x1.44"
160W SNP-G167-U, G167-UA, G167-UM, G167-U5 +12V/13.30A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G168-U, G168-UA, G168-UM, G168-U5 +15V/10.66A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G165-U, G165-UA, G165-UM, G165-U5 +18V/8.88A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G169-U, G169-UA. G169-UM, G169-U5 +24V/6.66A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G16G-U, G16G-UA, G16G-UM, G16G-U5 +28V/5.70A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G16J-U, G16J-UA, G16J-UM, G16J-U5 +36V/4.45A 3.3"x5"X1.7"
160W SNP-G16T-U, G16T-UA, G16T-UM, G16T-U5 +48V/3.35A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G167-C, G167-CA, G167-CM, G167-C5 +12V/13.30A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G168-C, G168-CA, G168-CM, G168-C5 +15V/10.66A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G165-C, G165-CA, G165-CM, G165-C5 +18V/8.88A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G169-C, G169-CA. G169-CM, G169-C5 +24V/6.66A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G16G-C, G16G-CA, G16G-CM, G16G-C5 +28V/5.70A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G16J-C, G16J-CA, G16J-CM, G16J-C5 +36V/4.45A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
160W SNP-G16T-C, G16T-CA, G16T-CM, G16T-C5 +48V/3.35A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G207, G207-A, G207-M, G207-MA +12V/16.50A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G208, G208-A, G208-M, G208-MA +15V/12.00A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G205, G205-A, G205-M, G205-MA +18V/11.10A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G209, G209-A, G209-M, G209-MA +24V/8.40A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G20G, G20G-A, G20G-M, G20G-MA +28V/7.20A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G20J, G20J-A, G20J-M, G20J-MA +36V/5.60A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G20T, G20T-A, G20T-M, G20T-MA +48V/4.20A 3"x5"x1.44"
200W SNP-G207-U, G207-UA, G207-UM, G207-U5 +12V/16.50A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G208-U, G208-UA, G208-UM, G208-U5 +15V/12.00A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G205-U, G205-UA, G205-UM, G205-U5 +18V/11.10A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G209-U, G209-UA, G209-UM, G209-U5 +24V/8.40A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G20G-U, G20G-UA, G20G-UM, G20G-U5 +28V/7.20A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G20J-U, G20J-UA, G20J-UM, G20J-U5 +36V/5.60A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G20T-U, G20T-UA, G20T-UM, G20T-U5 +48V/4.20A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G207-C, G207-CA, G207-CM, G207-C5 +12V/15.00A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G208-C, G208-CA, G208-CM, G208-C5 +15V/12.00A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G205-C, G205-CA, G205-CM, G205-C5 +18V/10.00A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G209-C, G209-CA, G209-CM, G209-C5 +24V/7.50A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G20G-C, G20G-CA, G20G-CM, G20G-C5 +28V/6.42A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G20J-C, G20J-CA, G20J-CM, G20J-C5 +36V/5.00A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
200W SNP-G20T-C, G20T-CA, G20T-CM, G20T-C5 +48V/3.75A 3.3"x5"x1.7"
300W SNP-E307, E307-M +12V/25.00A 3.3"x5"x2.13"
300W SNP-E308, E308-M +15V/20.00A 3.3"x5"x2.13"
300W SNP-E305, E305-M +18V/16.60A 3.3"x5"x2.13"
300W SNP-E309, E309-M +24V/12.50A 3.3"x5"x2.13"
300W SNP-E30G, E30G-M +28V/10.70A 3.3"x5"x2.13"
300W SNP-E30J, E30J-M +36V/8.30A 3.3"x5"x2.13"
300W SNP-E30T, E30T-M +48V/6.30A 3.3"x5"x2.13"